Sunday, August 7, 2011

Can you find the poem within this poem?

One at a time, please
One at a time
I'm a one on one kinda
or maybe two or three
but put me in a room full and
what a mess I feel
Too many
faces voices conversations
emotions intentions states of being
too much information to
in anything that looks like sense
And I may make for a corner
to scope out the scene
try to make invisible and observe
stand back and see more clearly
in a place of some sort of
and somewhere that feels
safe and out of the way
and not in the middle
and not having to think
of something
say when you don't
have any idea what people
are talking about
and you really want to
sit down and
figure it all out with

1 comment:

  1. Yes
    I can find!... and really I´ll try to be invisible, to sit down, to look, to feel all you say. Very, very good!

    I write poems in portuguese, but I have translater. Come to me!

    Maria Luísa

    Maria Luísa