Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy National Poetry Month!

Last year during the month of April I posted a bunch of poems.  That may be a good way for me to get back into the habit of blogging.  I recently fell in love with the work of Nikki Giovanni, spent the winter reading her.  I wrote this to her in January.

to Nikki Giovanni

Woman, you are a Priestess of poetry,
bringing us the talk of God
in the voice of the Goddess
like it should fall in a woman's ears
and if Heaven thought to talk
of mortal life and love
of the doings and goings on
of we little humans
way down here


  1. What a glowing tribute, I bet Nikki was honoured that you took the time to put your feelings down in such a wonderful way.

  2. Thanks! She's such a wonderful poet, totally inspiring!